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Conmed Health is actively looking for new team members in a variety of fields.

To apply for any of the positions below, please visit https://ca.indeed.com/

Registered Practical Nurse

The Registered Practical Nurse (RPN) plays a pivotal role in providing leadership and support to other healthcare providers and ensuring quality care for residents. They oversee unregulated healthcare providers, assigning tasks within their scope of practice and offering guidance as necessary. They also engage with external agencies and organizations, establishing connections with LTC facilities, the Ministry of Health, and medical services. Additionally, the RPN takes responsibility for critical nursing functions, including infection control, restorative care, and documentation maintenance, adhering to high standards throughout.
Collaborating closely with the RN, the RPN interprets clinical information and identifies when care needs extend beyond their scope of practice. They administer prescribed medication and diligently document resident care, upholding accuracy, and meeting best practice guidelines. By utilizing nursing processes, the RPN identifies resident needs, develops and updates care plans, and promptly addresses workplace incidents or accidents, reporting them to the RN for further action.

Registered Nurse
The Registered Nurse (RN) plays a vital role in overseeing various nursing functions, including infection control, restorative care, social work, and more. They ensure that work assignments are carried out safely and with dignity, observing residents closely. The RN promptly refers any medical concerns to the resident’s Physician for timely treatment. They are responsible for the accurate and concise documentation of resident care, utilizing the Nursing process to assess needs and maintain up-to-date care plans. The RN conducts admission assessments and facilitates admission conferences within 6 weeks. They also review progress notes and care plans regularly to meet changing residents’ needs. Additionally, the RN liaises with the Director of Care, participates in performance reviews, and collaborates with physicians to implement orders. In the absence of higher management, they prioritize the welfare and safety of residents and staff, delegate tasks based on staff qualifications, and coordinate nursing services with other facility departments.
Furthermore, the RN demonstrates leadership during emergencies, overseeing unit evacuations in case of fire. They promptly address hazardous situations, ensuring corrective action and reporting as per policy. The RN also ensures that workplace incident/accident forms are completed and promptly reported to the Director of Care/Administrator.
Personal Support Worker

The Personal Support Worker (PSW) plays a crucial role in providing comprehensive care to residents by participating in various nursing-related functions as directed by their supervisor. This includes assisting with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as personal grooming, bathing, toileting, and oral hygiene. They offer support to residents during meals, providing verbal encouragement or physical assistance as needed. Additionally, the PSW responds to call bells, ensures rooms are tidy and assists with care as directed by Registered staff. They play a pivotal role in helping new residents settle into their rooms and become familiar with their surroundings. The PSW also maintains accurate and concise documentation of resident care and actively participates in care plan development. PSWs are dedicated to advocating for residents’ choices and independence in their daily activities and life decisions. They actively participate and contribute input on necessary committees to enhance the quality of care provided to residents. Infection control is a top priority, and the PSW not only practices it rigorously but also ensures others follow suit. They uphold strict confidentiality standards, ensuring that only necessary information is shared with the healthcare team, following the resident’s consent.

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